We talk a great deal about a lifestyle of wellness. It is a BIG subject, a huge goal and a seemingly impossible aspiration to achieve in this modern world. But is it really? Are there somesimple, daily measures to take toward this vital lifestyle of wellness? I believe there are some practical steps, in fact, I’ve identified 10 for the purpose of this article alone; 10 elements that can easily,authentically, and immediately be applied to your journey.

We can enjoy wellness in life. We can overcome the obstacles, challenges, trials, tribulations and all of their negative effects on our wellbeing. With intention, passion, purpose, wisdom and understanding, we can apply these 10 simple principles of a lifestyle of wellnessand reverse the negative impacts of a hectic, crazy, intense world that causes us illness, weight gain, stress and many other crippling problems.

They are:

1. Spend 30 minutes a day or more doing moderate and continuous exercise, incorporating regular strength training, cardio and stretching exercises into your routine.

2. Maintain an active lifestyle, rather than a sedentary one. Walk to the shops when possible, climb stairs instead of taking the escalator, park in the outer parking spaces. Just put that body in motion throughout the day.God gave us joints so we could move, not sit still.

3. Eat regularly throughout the day. Eating 6 small meals, one every 2 to 3 hours is ideal. Include as many lean proteins, quality fats, fresh fruits and vegetables as you can.

4. Make sure you get enough sleep every night to alleviate stress and help you fully recharge, mentally and physically. 8 hours is ideal!

5. Set goals. Work towards short-term and long-term goals, and then reward yourself when you achieve them. No, not with a greasy pizza though! Chose non-food rewards that will motivate you to continue on in the journey.And remember that no matter how small the steps may be, they all contribute to your long-term goals.

6. Make time for family and friends. Set boundaries for work and other distracting elements of your everyday life.

7. Develop your interests and knowledge. Pursue your interests, skills, and gifts. Learn moreabout them and how you can apply them to your lifestyle of wellness.

8. Spend as much time as you can outdoors. Garden, hike, walk around the neighbourhood. Again, put those joints in motion, enjoy the sunshine, the cool breeze and fresh air. Do it every day!

9. Stay away from addictive substances and exercise self-control. Okay, so you’re not smoking crack but there are other addictive substances that won’t land you in jail but will cause harm to your wellness. Coffee can be one. Smoking, of course, is another. Sugar is a BIG one!

10. Stay positive in the difficult times. Keep smiling even in the midst and pay it forward! You’ll be surprised what comesback your way!

Simple, right? Nothing too complicated or overwhelming, just practical, authentic steps toward a lifestyle of wellness. So, what are you waiting for? Take those steps today. 10 steps and you’ll feel 100 fold better for taking them! I promise!

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~ Carl

Carl Mason- Liebenberg is a Wellness and Weight Loss Specialist, Author, Fitness Coach, and a Leader in Creating a Lifestyle of Wellness.
His passion is for those who suffer from poor nutrition, related illnesses, addictions and overweight conditions; with a specific focus on women. Carl unveils the power of nutrition and fitness to bring recovery, healing, restoration and strength.
Carl has personally experienced what he teaches and continues to study and learn to improve his ability to teach you a Lifestyle of Wellness.
He has recently launched the Ultimate 30 Day Body Reset that you’ll want to be sure to obtain in your journey to authentic wellness. For more information and opportunities please join him at http://www.carlmason-liebenberg.com/.

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