100 Words: The Germ


She had heard that this germ could be caught. She was not very sure of the details. But somewhere deep within she had the means to fight it. Every time it threatened to creep up and catch her unawares, she found resources to tackle it. It didn’t matter what the price was – she was not going to get infected.

However, as she grew older her defenses crumbled. Fighting this virus was costing her too much.

It wasn’t worth it. She succumbed. She caught the germ.   The germ of happiness.  Now there’s no turning back. She’s L-positive. Happy for life.



For years, I found ways not to be happy. Somewhere deep within my psyche there was a resistance to happiness. With the passing of time and painful experiences that forced me to grow, I began to stop resisting happiness. As Pearl Buck said: Growth itself contains the germ of happiness.

Are you resisting happiness?

May you be inspired – every day!

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I’m a woman happily journeying through midlife, moving from self-improvement to self-acceptance and enjoying being myself. I write here, Write Tribe, From 7Eight and CorinneRodrigues.com.

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  1. Send the germ over to me :) lovely…
    Sulekha Rawat recently posted..You Complete Me…My Profile

  2. Jan Neel

    This is so great, I did fight happiness, I have written of it on one blog post or another, I didn’t feel as though I had a right to be happy. I fought long and hard to stay miserable, what WAS I thinking????I love to smile I love to see the smiles of others….Life is a joy!
    Jan Neel recently posted..Blogging and Friends Blog Hop Daisy StyleMy Profile

  3. The Social Frog

    Great post! I think sometimes I do but it is rare.
    The Social Frog recently posted..Books On My MindMy Profile

  4. I truly enjoyed this :D I recently contracted a virus (I hope it gets quarantined before I pass it to others)…

    If it’s the germ of happiness then I wish to have it :P… You’re really good at 100 words BS :D

  5. What a fun 100 word post! Great job with this :) Cheers, Jenn.
    Jenn recently posted..The Last StrawMy Profile

  6. This has so infected me! :) What a positive post, Corinne!
    Martha Orlando recently posted.."Stormy Weather . . ."My Profile

  7. I have caught TOO many of those germs.. GOD save me now.. from infecting everyone else.. with them!! Atisssssssssshhhhoooo!!! There u go! :)
    Punam J R recently posted..Musical Monday – The things you are to me (Secret Garden)My Profile

  8. Sigrid Rogowski

    Thanks for the post Corrine. You made my day.
    Sigrid Rogowski recently posted..Prepping for Tours: The Rose GardenMy Profile

  9. Gosh, I’m like that too. I get happy for a moment then I quickly remind myself of all the things I can worry about:)
    Sandra Tyler recently posted..I am so behind with my reading and commenting, but…My Profile

  10. I want to be infected too! What a beautiful story, Corinne. I think we all resist happiness. I know I do. Whenever I am happy I have this fear that it will be taken away from me and in so doing I ruin those moments of happiness.
    rimly recently posted..A Friday MomentMy Profile

  11. Nice. I already got the bug, I’m L-positive. I hope it’s an epidemic.

    Good writing Corinne!
    Myrna recently posted..THE MEANING OF ARTMy Profile

  12. This was so clever! I love it! Brilliantly done. ♥

    Kathy recently posted..Enzyte: A Happier, Healthier LifestyleMy Profile

  13. Truly infectious!!

    Loved reading it :)
    privytrifles recently posted..Not a dowryMy Profile

  14. Janaki Nagaraj says:

    Lovely…I feel infected too :)

  15. You know Corrinne? I’m certainly now a BIG fan of the 100 words post!!! I love it!!
    Nikky44 recently posted.."West Side Story"My Profile

  16. Sayantan says:

    The germ is so contagious Corrine…thanks for spreading it across! God bless!

  17. That’s one germ that I need to hold on to! Many say that happiness is a choice and I’m beginning to believe that they are correct. Thanks for spreading the germ sweet sister!
    Leah recently posted..Sticky IntimacyMy Profile

  18. I’ve done this at various times in my life. I’m learning to just let the “illness” take over, though. :)
    femmefrugality recently posted..Vacation for Less: Lake MichiganMy Profile

  19. Corinne, we should all be so lucky as to catch this germ! ha! I do not resist happiness. On the contrary, I embrace it. With every fiber of my being. Because I know it’s transitory and fleeting. And because it’s our right as divine beings to be content. I’m so glad you no longer resist happiness. I can’t think of anyone more deserving than you, my friend! :)
    Bella recently posted..Is it bathing suit time already?My Profile

    • Such a beautiful comment, Bella – it had to be yours! Yes, we must embrace happiness with all of our being. I’ve learned to glean happiness from the ‘worst’ of situations and it’s amazing how it changes our perspective on things! Everyone deserves happiness, dear Bella! ♥

  20. I love this! How creative, and yes I caught the happiness germ! Woo hoo :D

  21. L-Positive. I love that! Great, great story. :)
    Rachel recently posted..Sunday Fun Day – Rock Eating LimerickMy Profile

  22. Yep! It’ll be right there waiting until you say yes to it! Best to say yes sooner rather than later!

  23. Sometimes … sometimes … but most of the time I can’t resist it since naturally I am a happy person …
    Journey of Life recently posted..Simple but Fascinating …My Profile

  24. That’s great. Thank you for sharing.

  25. can u plz forward that germ to me ;)
    Rahul Miglani recently posted..voices in the darkMy Profile

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