My Guilty Pleasure

My Guilty Pleasure (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The words transported her to another realm. A magical world.Then she heard footsteps. It was him. He mustn’t see her doing this.

Quickly she hid her secret under the pillow and put the light off.
“Ready for bed?” he asked.
“Yes” she answered.

He lay down facing her.
“What if he finds it? What will he think of me?” she wondered.

“So, how did you spend your day?” he asked.
“Cooking and cleaning. I did a spot of reading too.”
“Anything interesting?”
“Some spiritual books” she answered burrowing her secret in the mattress.
Her guilty pleasure – a romance novel!


The prompt for this comes post from GBE a Facebook Group for bloggers.

I love reading romance novels – it’s my way of relaxing. However, sometimes my internal censor tells me it’s a waste of time and makes me feel guilty about reading them. I know it’s silly – I’m telling the censor to shut up. 

What guilty pleasure do you have? 

May you be inspired – every day!