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100 Words On Saturday 10 Prompt: DARK SECRET/S



The Art of Secret Keeping (44/52)

She was bubbly and outgoing – the perfect colleague – hardworking, helpful and fun. Then, she excitedly announced she was getting married. Her husband-to-be was a Captain in the Merchant Navy. We were not invited to the wedding. Although that was somewhat unusual, no one minded.

Post wedding, and back at work, she glowed with happiness. However, we saw no wedding photographs.

She invited us all over to her home, only when her husband was at sea. Curious, we wondered at her secrecy.

Until one day, a colleague saw them together. Her ‘dark secret’ was revealed – hubby dear was bald!

I wish I could tell you that this is all fiction. It isn’t. Imagine marrying someone, being happy with them and yet being embarrassed by their looks. It’s amazing how superficial some people can be. As you can imagine, it was very hard for me to respect her after this.