Introduced recently – an invitation, a prompt, a linky. Write exactly a 100 words on the prompt and publish it on your blog – a story, a poem, a mini-essay. The linky will be open right up to next Friday, after which I will have a new prompt and a fresh linky.

100 Words On Saturday 3 Prompt : SACRED SPACE/S

Β What constitutes a sacred space? A building like a temple, a church, a mosque, or a place of pilgrimage like the Holy Land, the holy city of Mecca, the holy city of Varanasi. It could also be a landscape, the sheer natural beauty of which makes us consider it sacred. A sacred space can also be a particular place in your home. Wherever it might be, we must create a sanctuary which we can retreat to when we are stressed or in need of renewal. Personally, I believe we need to retreat into our sacred space everyday to find ourselves.
sacred space everyday gyaan


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