100 Words: You Do?

“I do.” he responded loudly to the priest’s question. She clutched his arm tight. “Don’t.” she screamed, or thought she did. Actually no words came out.

Her mind whirled. What was she doing? She hardly knew this man, how could she spend the rest of her life with him. What about all her dreams, her hopes?

She let go of the arm she was holding, turned to the man on her right and said, “My father might have agreed to give me away to you. But I didn’t.”

She held her head high as she walked out of the church.

Thanks for your feedback on my previous 100 words attempt. You’ve spurred me on to continue.

Just to explain, it is common practice in some Churches for the priest to ask: “Who gives this woman to be married to this man?” Β And the father of the bride responds, ‘I do.’

This one is about arranged marriages – a practice that still exists in India and is often against the wishes of the girl. Something similar happened in our Church many years ago. A girl was being married off against her wishes, but before she reached the altar the priest received a phone call from a well-wisher that tipped him off about this. When he questioned the bride, she said that it was true. The wedding was called off and two lives saved. Unfortunately, this is one case in which it worked that way. Most often, no one has the courage to buck the system and many lives are ruined in the process.Β 

May you be inspired – every day!