Heart with metal loop for hanging5 Surefire Ways To Get Her The Christmas Presents She Actually Wants is for the men among us among us. Make sure your man reads it! 😉

Ask any man why he turns into a Scrooge-like creature as the festive season approaches and he will tell you that his brain turns to mush when it comes to picking out a gift for his other half. The majority of women dread opening their presents on Christmas mornings because they have to usually put on an Oscar winning performance as they exclaim, “I love it, how unusual”. The accepted etiquette is to wait until 2 days after Christmas and then ask if he kept the receipt, as you need to change the gift. It would make a nice change if a man managed to get it right and buy a present that she will genuinely love, so here are 5 tips to get you on the right road.

1. Keep Your Eyes And Ears Open

It’s typical for most women to start dropping hints from October onwards. They may be subtle so you will really need to stop switching off when your wife begins to mention a sweater or a purse that she likes. If you are listening then you could jot this down and compile a Christmas gift list which you could select from when you do your shopping. Other women can be more obvious and may leave a magazine page open deliberately and will circle something in pen to get your attention.

2. Never Buy A Gift for the Home

She may have been raving about a brand new hypo-allergenic vacuum cleaner but this doesn’t mean that she wants it as a Christmas gift. Likewise, if she moans about the mattress being uncomfortable, don’t order a new mattress. Try and put yourself in her shoes and ask yourself how you would feel if she were to gift wrap a cutlery set or lawn mower for you. These gifts show no thought and are not personal so they should always be avoided.

3. A Pampering Treat

If your lady is often complaining that she never gets a break and can’t afford to have a manicure, you could book her some beauty treatments in a decent salon, or if your budget will stretch you could send her away on a 2 day spa break. You could perhaps wrap the gift certificate with a fluffy bath robe and some slippers for an extra thoughtful touch. These types of treatments are often discounted online so they can be affordable. A beauty treatment gift will also stop you having to trail around from store to store.

4. A Frugal Gift Idea

If money is tight and gifts are out of the question this year, you could make her a home-made book of coupons. These coupons could represent household chores, minding the kids or offering foot rubs or back massages. So long as you honour your promises, you should be able to keep her happy. You can start as you mean to go on by helping out with Christmas dinner.

5. IF All Else Fails

If you have wracked your brains about the ideal Christmas gift but you are still hitting a stumbling block you could opt for department store gift vouchers. There is usually something that a lady can buy for herself form this kind of place, although it obviously shows no imagination. If you want to avoid this fail safe option then ask her closest friends what they reckon she would like and this may give you some new perspective.

When giving gifts on any occasion, it’s the thought that counts so bear this in mind when you automatically reach for a perfume that’s on offer. If you are going to buy her a bottle of scent, then at least buy her one of her favorites. If you want to splash out you could give her a card with an I.O.U message inside and tell her that you are taking her to a jewellery store to pick out something nice. Not only will she appreciate this, it will give her something to look forward to and will give her something to boast about to her pals. If you are really feeling brave and are at that stage in your relationship, Christmas can be an incredibly romantic time for a marriage proposal, but if you do go for this option be sure that it is something you’re certain you both want and are ready for.

~ Grace Pamer

Grace Pamer is the author of www.RomanceNeverDies.com, a blog which gives insights into the art of writing love letters and putting together winning marriage proposal ideas. As featured in CanadianLiving.com, FoxNews.com, YourTango.com and many more.