We’re into 2013.

How are you getting along? Are you making progress with your goals?

Hopefully you’re still sticking to your resolutions. If you’re a little behind on your goals, that’s okay. If you continue to have a will to achieve your dreams for this year, you will find a way to do it.

Some days can seem difficult. Some days it can seem like your inner clouds have taken over and your natural, glorious and sunshine self is hidden. On such days, use the following tips to stay resourceful:

1.      There is no need to beat yourself up

Creating any type of change in your life where you know it will be good for you, takes effort.

However, change can take time. Whatever activities you are engaging in, it might take a while for you to experience the benefits you want. When this happens, sometimes you can get frustrated. It is wise to expect some frustration to arise. When it does, just allow yourself to experience this and watch it go away without beating yourself up.

It makes no sense to beat yourself up over lack of progress. Does it help you? Do you feel good after doing so? Of course, you don’t. Hence, there is no need to do so.

Use the mind-set of an objective scientist where you proactively engage in new activities that push you outside your limit zones. However, keep a mental distance from what you are doing so that you don’t become overly attached to the activity and its outcome.

2.    There is always progress if you’re active

If you’re taking steps no matter how small, then you’re always making progress.

Even if it seems like you’ve not made much difference, sometimes all it takes is a little look back to where you were and where you are now, to see how things are different for you.

Remember you’re concerned with the progress you’re making here and not that of others.

Others come from different backgrounds and skill levels and comparison with others is a surefire way to get your ego into action.

If you perceive others to be better then you, then you feel insecure and get low.

Rather than activating the ego in this way, just quit comparing yourself to others and focus on your own journey and the progress you’re making, measured against yourself.

3.    Take the opportunity to serve others

In this world, it is all too easy to get caught up in the process of succeeding. There is nothing wrong with this. Each one of us comes into the world with infinite potential and it only makes sense to realise our true abilities.

However, with this type of progress comes the potential to be selfish. It is important to ensure you don’t get caught up in this trap. Sure, by being selfish and going for what you want with clear focus, you may achieve what you set out to. However, with this approach you run the risk of still not being happy.

There will be sense of discontentment because you will have created so much separation from yourself and others, you will see your goal in your life to have more than others and be better than others. Again the ego has raised its head and you become more insecure.

One way you can enjoy real contentment and satisfaction is to help others around you. This could be family members, friends, colleagues, neighbours or someone you don’t even know.

If you have some knowledge about a topic which another person would find helpful then share it. If a close friend is experiencing a problem then be present with them and listen to them. It helps others and it helps you too.

4.     Ask for help

While the above step is about helping others where you can, by the same token, ask for help whenever you need it. So many times, we are afraid of asking for help for fear the person we are asking, will say “no,” or that we will look stupid. In fact the stupidity comes from not asking for help in the first place.

Remember, just like you like to help others and feel good when you do, so do others. Give them the opportunity to also raise their self-esteem by helping another human being.

5.   It will work out in the end

A powerful overriding attitude to have over anything you are undertaking is to believe it will work out in the end. This one belief can be so strong in helping us to keep going on, especially when life seems hard.

This attitude can be cultivated through a strong faith that everything will be okay. You will be okay and you will come out on top. Just look at examples of other people who have completed what seemed like impossible feats. Such achievements didn’t happen overnight. They took effort and persistence with a strong belief that it will work in the end.

5 Ways To Stay Resourceful is written by Dr Hiten Vyas.
Dr Hiten Vyas is a Life Coach, Author and Speaker.He is passionate about helping people increase their confidence and reduce their anxiety. You can find out more about him at his website:
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