When I started a blog at the end of 2007, I didn’t imagine I would be drawn so deeply into another world – a parallel universe of sorts. My reason was simple – I wanted a place to store my thoughts and share them with others. But blogging has a way of pulling you in.  Now I have not one, but three blogs and enjoy writing, playing with designs and interacting via each one with different people. I can sincerely say that I’m passionate about blogging.

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So why would I suggest that someone stop blogging? I’ll make this quick, I promise.

If you’ve taken up to blogging as a way to get famous the easy way, then I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place. Serious blogging is a lot of hard work. Also remember, that ‘flavour of the season’ applies to the blog world. Unless you’re willing to keep working at building an authentic network, you can’t stay popular.

Someone who heard that I blog, once asked me, “Can you make money from it?” My answer was, “Yes, you can. But it’s not why I blog.” I have nothing against monetizing blogs – mine is monetized too. However, if you are starting a blog only to make money, don’t.

In India, at least, blogging forums and sponsors give bloggers a lot of freebies, in the hope that their products and services will be talked of. I’m happy to get freebies from time to time, but if you’ve signed up only to get freebies, believe me, this too shall pass! There’ll soon come a time when advertisers look at other media to get their brand publicity.

Again as part of advertising campaigns, blogging forums conduct competitions. The prizes are very generous too. I know of many bloggers who are truly talented and I’m happy when they win these competitions. However, if someone, starts blogging to only to win competitions, then I start to wonder how much they really love writing, even if they are super talented.

If you don’t like sharing or interacting with people, then please don’t blog.

In these six years of blogging, I’ve experienced the generosity of so many other bloggers – generosity in their comments, a willingness to share information and even walk me through resolving technical glitches. If you don’t like sharing your experience and knowledge, I’d suggest you stop blogging.

I’m laughing as I’m writing this, but I know of several bloggers who don’t like to read – either books or other blogs.  How can you want to write if you don’t love words? So, if you’re not a reader, please, please, don’t blog.

If you are blogging for the right reasons, here is some recommended reading for you today: 7 Deadly Sins of Blogging from Vidya Sury.


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