It’s good to be real about our feelings – to admit to feeling down and depressed. But we mustn’t wallow in these feelings for too long. Continually feeling this way might be a sign of a physical or emotional need for healing and I would advise you to seek professional help. But for many of us it is a passing phase that we go through. I see my down times or times of discontent as the start of a period of increased creativity and so I’ve learned to accept that.

How do we create happiness on a regular basis, though? I believe that happiness is an inside job. I also believe that it’s pretty easy to make oneself happy.

So here’s my tried and tested list of 8 Steps To Happy


There’s no sequence to them – you can choose to do any one and increase your happiness quotient.

1.Shut down that computer – While the Internet is a great way to connect with others, it is also a way you can disconnect from your inner self. So shut it down for a day – read a lot, go for a walk, take a day trip, cook up a storm, but keep those devices turned off.

2. Take a long and luxurious bath – Tear open those packs of scented soaps and break the seals of those essential oil bottles you’ve been storing up for special occasions. Have a long warm bath – in a bathtub if you’re lucky to own one. If not, make sure you soak your feet in warm water besides having a shower. Let the water heal and nurture you.

3. Laugh your head off– Talk to the funniest person you know, catch your favourite comedy or  make a call to a good friend. Don’t dwell on your feelings. But talk about crazy stuff. The idea is to laugh. There’s nothing better than laughter to get your happy back.

4. Treat yourself to a good meal – Cook something special for yourself and your loved ones. I know a good hearty soup does the trick for me. It gives me the chance to be creative and I enjoy soup too. If you don’t cook or don’t want to, order in or even better go out for a meal.

5. Dress happy – Wear bright clothes, put on your make up (smile at yourself in the mirror while you do), accessorize! Make the effort even if you’re staying at home. When you look good, you often feel better.

6. Get a Nature-fix – Listen to the birds, go to a park, a garden or even to a zoo. If you can’t do any of these, play tapes of bird sounds, waterfalls, etc. There are plenty of ‘listen to nature‘ type of resources on the Internet. It might be a good idea for you to download them into your music player for happy-deficit times.

7. Spend some time in self-affirmation – Write down things you love about yourself – your best qualities – nice things you’ve done for someone else in the recent past. Read it aloud to yourself. Paste the list where you can see it.

8. Colour yourself happy – Like the music, this needs some resources – colour pencils, crayons, sketch books, colouring books. Tara Reed has some great colouring pages you can get for free.

As you can see, it’s easy to create happiness for ourselves. Keep the resources I’ve mentioned handy for a quick pick-me-up and you’re all set!



We’re into the third week and Day 10 of the September Blogging Challenge. Now is about the time that your spirits might be flagging. Reach out and ask for help – get a friend to do a guest post or two… Stay the course! 🙂