9 Inexpensive Updates To Make Your Kitchen Shine


The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. Not only is it the nutritional hub for your family, it’s where many people spend a great deal of time preparing food, too. Kitchen remodeling projects are the number one type of remodeling project Americans do year after year.

Kitchen Remodel Phase 2

Yet, remodeling your kitchen can be expensive. Cabinets, appliances, and flooring add up, and fast. The good news is you don’t have to take out a second mortgage to breathe new life into your kitchen and make it shine.

Here are some relatively quick, simple, and most of all affordable updates you can implement that will make it look like a different place altogether:

Give it a new coat of paint. One of the remodeling tasks that gives the most bang for your buck is a new coat of paint. If you’re thinking about selling your home sometime soon, think about using a neutral tone. That way, prospective buyers see the kitchen walls as a canvas, and can imagine it the way they want to see it. If you won’t be selling the home anytime soon, feel free to choose whatever color scheme you like. As long as it’s pleasing to you and your family, feel free to get a little creative.

Replace door and drawer covers. You don’t have to completely remove all of the cabinets from your kitchen to make it shine. In some cases, all your cabinets need are some new doors and some new fixtures. You’ll be surprised just what a difference shiny new cabinet knobs can make for your kitchen.

Stain your cabinets. Rather than replacing cabinets, consider stripping their original finish and re-staining. Stain comes in all sorts of colors, so pick what you like. You’ll want to make sure that the topcoat you use is one that won’t yellow over time, which tends to be problematic in the kitchen. Alternatively, you can paint your cabinets, or consider using vintage wallpaper for your cabinets.

Change your counter-tops. Counter-tops are one of those areas that can become a huge expense if you’re not careful. That being said, there are inexpensive counter-top options that really don’t look too bad, and may at least help to modernize your kitchen a little bit, if nothing else.

Replace your faucets. A new faucet can brighten up an otherwise dreary kitchen sink. Faucet replacement is a relatively simple proposition, and you can get all of the tools and equipment you need at your local hardware store. You can find faucets in all sorts of styles and price ranges, and even some budget faucets can be tremendously attractive.

Replace some flooring. Family life can be hard on your kitchen floors. Here again, there are options in all sorts of styles and price ranges. Tile, hardwood, and even vinyl are all valid options. If you can’t find something in your price range, consider a thorough scrubbing and a coat of wax to help that kitchen floor shine – at least for a while.

Add or change window dressings. Windows let light into your kitchen and they also control the flow of energy from inside the home to outside the home. Choosing the right blinds or other window dressings can not only help your kitchen to shine, it may actually save you some money on your heating bill each month.

Set up some track lighting. Track lighting helps your kitchen to really pop. Today’s track lighting isn’t bulky and awkward the way it used to be; you might have a thin cable with shaded lamps above your center island, or even an artwork-style lamp. Try out different configurations, different types and colors of bulbs to create the right setting in your kitchen.

Bring it all together. While you might need to do your updates one at a time because of budgeting purposes, you should still map out a master plan that will take you forward. Those window dressings should complement the counter-tops, which should accent the cabinets, which should look good against your new flooring.

A coordinated approach to kitchen design is key, especially when you’re on a budget. Your kitchen can look amazing, even if you have limited funds. Consider some of these inexpensive updates to add a sparkle and a shine to your kitchen today.

~ Nick Simpson

Nick Simpson is Social Media Coordinator at Blindsgalore, a leading provider ofcelullar blinds and shades and discount faux wood blinds.