There was once a chance I didn’t take. Yes, back when I finished college, I wanted to be a journalist. But somehow I didn’t seem to have the guts to pursue that. I was ‘impressed’ by someone who told me how hard it was – and I gave up too easily. Maybe, I would have been a good journalist……who knows?
Do I have regrets about this? We all have regrets, but deep within I’m very happy at the place I am right now. And I’m here writing. aren’t I? That’s what I liked about being a journalist – the writing. However, I took the long road to doing this – a long sometimes hard, but never boring road. I worked for two tyre companies as a secretary to the branch managers  – although I didn’t know shorthand and was just learning to type! Both offered me permanent jobs, which I didn’t take.  I then moved to a start-up project of a hotel from a well-respected chain  – worked in the HR Department as an Assistant. I got an offer to be trained at their School of Management but the hospitality industry was not my cup of tea. I then moved to a Bank – stayed for seven years – enjoyed it. Then opted out…..Moved to an NGO, then did my Masters in English! Moved then to teaching and then on to training……..
…..The story goes on – I kept reinventing myself…and enjoyed each new avatar. So here I am now an ex-banker, an ex-teacher, a training professional and magically – a writer. Life comes the full circle, doesn’t it?