Creativity is the key to success.

One of  the key words from my vision for 2012 is Create. 

As I look back on the last two months, I realize that creativity is beginning to take on various forms for me. I took the brave step of moving from Blogger to WordPress, so in a sense I re-created Everyday Gyaan.  And then I created a new blog – Everyday Photographs. I’m very new to photography but it’s something I do want to pursue further, so that blog is the space to do it in.

I found that I’m constantly getting new ideas for making Everyday Gyaan in to space for people to draw inspiration from. I am convinced that I need to draw more and more people to share their stories and ideas here. I’m so glad that the three guest posts in the recent past resonated with you (thank you Linda, Myrna and Mary). There’s a lot more to come.

All of a sudden I appear to be making connections with other bloggers and sites that are pushing me to be more creative. And oh yes, Everyday Gyaan got featured on Become.Com in it’s Best of the Web series.

I just needed to take that first step in creativity and suddenly I see avenues opening up. My vision to create is starting to come true! I recall these powerful words :

Your mind, this globe of awareness, is a starry universe. When you push off with your foot, a thousand new roads become clear ~  Rumi

I hope that you are not postponing working on your vision. I urge you to ‘push off with your foot’…..I’m certain your experience will be the same as mine.

May you be inspired – everyday!