It’s so easy with the internet to appear to be all that you are not. I’ve interacted with people on the net and when I met them in real life their stories didn’t add up. Just yesterday I went on what turned out to be a wild-goose chase. My brother came across someone who advertised some furniture on the internet and asked me check it out. The guy who had a great looking website and was an absolute smooth talker on the telephone turned out to be an absolute hoax. He had nothing he had advertised, kept talking a non-existent warehouse and giving excuses that didn’t add up.

With the internet I’ve learned the hard way – everything is not always how it seems. In the personal development sphere, I used to aim to blog in, I’ve seen that it’s so easy for people to give you ’10 ways to great relationships’ and ‘50 ways to leave your lover‘ (okay, so that was the Paul Simon song!). But  are these people  really living these truths out in their lives? I’m sorry to say that  I haven’t always seen evidence of that.

We know of politicians, religious leaders and self-styled gurus, business leaders who have often failed to live up to all that they claim to be. We put them on a pedestals and which many of them promptly fell off. We begin to doubt the authenticity of all politicians, religious leaders, and business men. Just think of all the skeletons that have come tumbling out of the Apple cupboard in the recent past.

This is not meant to find fault with anyone. I know that in the past, I have created an image of myself that I portrayed to others and struggled to live up to it. When I didn’t, they, naturally, felt cheated and I was humbled.

So we’ve got to go beyond words. We’ve got to dig deeper. We’ve got to see evidence of people being true to their words. Only then can we believe. Only then do we want to look up to them. Only then do we want to follow.

Today I join millions of others in recalling that One Man who walked the talk. He was and is above all. He spoke of loving the other. He spoke of loving God. He spoke of serving others. He spoke of forgiveness. He said that God loves us, then He stretched out His hands on the Cross and showed us just how much.

Crucified, laid behind the stone
You lived to die, rejected and alone
Like a rose, trampled on the ground
You took the fall and thought of me
Above all.

Thank you for reading my reflection this Good Friday.

May you be inspired – every day!