All my pencils sharpened, I’m ready to go…
I’m sitting here being a bore
I hesitate to take them up and write a line.

Okay so that was my pathetic version of ‘Leaving on A Jet Plane‘…… As you can see I’m bored – not with my blog – not with my readers (oh no, never..) but just…bored. And this is me – the person who to anyone who says, “I’m bored”,  has a smart-alecky response “Only the boring get bored!” (Don’t you think I should patent that line? I just did!)

Only the boring get bored ~ Corinne Rodrigues



Am I Suffering From Blogcrastination?

I have not posted for the last three days and friend asked me if I was well! I am well but as it turns out, I’m a blogcrastinator! If you’re wondering what that is – take a look at this link from Copyblogger.

blogcrastination (blŏg-kras–tuh-ney-shuhn) — the deferment of writing a blog post to a later time; often a mechanism for coping with anxiety.

I have loads of ideas, many pending posts and a whole file marked “Fodder” on my computer. All I have to do is WRITE.

I made a start today, haven’t I? Here’s the plan:

1. To be or not to be cynical – Part 1 : 24 March 2010  – Done

2. To be or not to be cynical – Part 2 : 30 March 2010  – Done

3. To be or not to be cynical – Concluding post: 17 April 2010 ( Tomorrow!)

See you tomorrow, folks!

May you be inspired – everyday!