I love that I live in times when more and more women are taking their place in the world. It’s not unusual these days to see women heads of state, women CEOs and women entrepreneurs, all busting the myth that women cannot lead effectively.

Despite the fact that there are many women still struggle against prejudice, there are several other myths that are constantly being blown apart. One of the top myths is that women cannot be trusted with money. This prejudice manifests itself in ย an overt way when men try to control all the household finances, even when their spouses are earning equally as well as them. All investment and big spending decisions get controlled by them, since they feel that the women will over spend or squander the money. However, in rural areas and in urban slums in India, it is most often the women who set aside money for a rainy day.

Another Myth About Women Busted #whenawomanshops

A more subtle way in which the notion of women squandering moneyย is reinforced are the millions of jokes about women and shopping. How many times have I heard men saying that when the women in their lives go out to shop they lose sight of time and money. Also, it is suggested that if you give a woman a free rein with your purse, she’s likely to spend it all on herself – clothes, shoes, cosmetics etc. I know this is not true of my choices and that of many other women I know.

This is why I was so happy to see that Amazon in India invested in breaking the myth that women shop to indulge. In a social experiment, in which several couples participated, women were give Rs.5 k to spend online. ย Watch this video to see what happened.

I loved the look on the men’s faces when they found that their perceptions about women and shopping were all wrong.

Thanks to Amazon, another myth has been busted. Women can be trusted to make great shopping choices. Stop the jokes, and learn the lessons, guys! Start believing that shopping is just one of the areas in which women make great choices.