While you may be in love with some of the most popular games for mobile right now, don’t expect them to make you happy all the time. Sure, they may take your mind off of work for a few minutes and take away some of the stress but there are much better apps out there that were built to help people become happier in the long run. From helping you feel great the moment you wake up to when you need to sleep peacefully at night, these two apps below can work wonders.

Two Apps To Make You Happier


According to psychologists, meditating can help increase happiness and promote positive thoughts toward ourselves and others. Headspace is an app that can help you reap the positive benefits of meditation. For just about 10 minutes a day, you can help yourself have better self-awareness, focus, and perspective. It also has meditation programs, which help with stress, and will help make you smile more. Think of Headspace as your personal fitness instructor that helps keep your mind in shape.

This app has been endorsed by some of the most respected celebrities such as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson and Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver.


This aptly-named app is a nice alternative to Facebook. It is a mini social networking app where people can get tons of inspiration in the form of happiness-boosting tips, daily challenges, and motivational quotes from some of the world’s inspirational leaders. Users will always find happiness here, as they can connect with other Happier users in a positive and compassionate community. While on-the-go, people can use the app to record happy moments, which is a scientifically-proven act that helps people feel more positive and optimistic.

With apps revolutionizing the way we carry out our daily chores, mobiles have now become our go-to gadgets for personal healing, too. The developers of entertainment hub Pocket Fruity revealed that “mobiles are now used in the strangest of places,” and perhaps this is why portable apps are designed for all sorts of weird and wonderful purposes.

A fast-paced life and stress from work can really take its toll on our body and it’s great to know that technology has our back whenever we need help in relaxing and taking a minute away from the rat race.

Do you have any happiness apps to add to these?