Last month, Patrick Pichette, the CFO of Google, sent in his resignation. Having worked for 7 years with Google, he said he was resigning to spend more time with his family. You can read his note on Google + in which he explains how he came to this decision. While on holiday, his wife asked him when it was going to be what she called ‘be time’, ‘me time’ and ‘our time’.  Pichette says in his note,  “In the end, life is wonderful, but nonetheless a series of trade offs, especially between business/professional endeavours and family/community.”

An important aspect of self-leadership is finding that balance between working, relationships, interests and making sure that you are healthy too. It’s easy to get so caught up in work, when work is our passion and work is fun. But we’ve got to learn how to create space and time for everything else.

“Life without balance can cost you your relationships. Life without balance can cost you your health. Life without balance can cost you your spirituality. Life without balance can cost you your wealth and your happiness. So find things to motivate you from all areas of life. Your success depends on it.”
—Jim Rohn


Action Steps:
Write down the words ‘work’ ‘relationships’ ‘health’ ‘interests’ on a piece of paper.  Then write down three things in each are you need more of and three things you need less of. Try to eliminate the unessential. This is an ongoing exercise that calls for awareness and honesty. You have to keep checking to see how it works, until you find balance. At some points, one area may need more focus than another.

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Find balance!

Today I’m on ‘B ‘ of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. My theme is the A to Z of Self Leadership. I’m also undertaking the NaBloPoMo for April – the theme is ‘grow’ and the Ultimate Blog Challenge.