Yesterday, I went for a hair cut and watched  many people get a variety of treatments. As I looked and listened, I noticed something unusual. I was the only one, whose eyes kept going around the room and whose ears seemed to pick up everything while my hair spa and hair cut was taking place.  I smiled to myself and realized I’ve always been this way – always looking for a story. I smiled again when I thought of a some words I read a few days ago about writers. Let me share them with you:

“A writer is a dangerous friend. Everything you say, all of your life and experience, is fodder for our writing. We mean you no harm, but what you know and what you’ve done is unavoidably fascinating to us. Being friends with a writer is a bit like trying to keep a bear as a pet. They’re wonderful, friendly creatures, but they play rough and they don’t know their own strength or remember that they have claws. Choose the stories you tell to your writer friends carefully.” ― Randy Murray

Now that I’ve shared this, I can see the few friends I have dwindling to nil! 😉

Writers never get holidays. We’re either watching, listening, experiencing, reading, thinking about writing or just simply  writing. Charlotte Bronte supposedly said : I’m just going to write, because I can’t help it. That’s exactly what I am doing these days.




Dear reader, get ready for another month of daily posts from me. I’m taking part in BlogHer’s #NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) which is on every month, but is always so much bigger in November. I’m also participating  in Yeah Write’s November Challenge 2015 (thanks for the heads up on this Parul of Happiness and Food).

I’ve taken the easy route. Other writers are busy with the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), challenging themselves to write 5000 words a day during November. Here’s wishing them good luck with their projects.

Thanks to the generosity of a blogging partner, I am the proud owner of the workbook for Darren Rowse’s course -’31 Days To Build A Better Blog’. I will be working on this and sharing my learnings with you and ask you for your ideas and feedback through the weeks ahead. I hope the questions I ask you in the course of my learning will help you too, if you are a blogger.

Day 1 -Write an elevator pitch for your blog.

I wrote my ‘about’ page some months ago. I’d love you to read it and give me feedback on the following :

  1. Does my ‘about‘ page give you a good picture of who I am and what this blog is about?
  2. Do my posts reflect what my about page says? In other words, is there congruence between what I write and what I say I am about?
  3. Does  Everyday Gyaan’s by-line ‘Keeping Life Simple, Authentic and Holistic‘ come across strongly in my writing and sharing?

Thank you in advance for your inputs.

See you tomorrow.