Of late, I find myself beginning to understand people better. I am able to see motivations and impulses and understand them.  There was a time when I took everything at face value. Then I moved towards being judgmental.  Now, I am working on moving towards compassion. I have miles to go before I learn not to judge. But I think I’ve made a start.

Mistbow & Boats Stairdam

A rabbi asked his students this question: “How can we determine the hour of dawn, when the night ends and the day begins?”
One student answered, “When from a distance you can distinguish between a dog and a sheep.”
The rabbi said, “No, that is not the answer.”
Another student said, “Is it when one can distinguish between a fig tree and a grapevine?”
The rabbi once again answered, “No.”
After many students attempted to answer the question without success, the students begged the rabbi to tell them the answer. The wise rabbi said, “You can tell when the night ends and the day begins when you can look into the eyes of human beings and you have enough light inside of you to recognize them as your brothers or sisters. Until you can do that, it is night, and darkness is still with you.”
~ Hasidic story

For me, the day is beginning….What’s it like for you?