We walked up and down the street several times – Anna and I, wondering if she was indeed staying in that house.

“Shall we knock to check if she’s inside?” I asked.

“There’s no other way to find out,” Anna said.

“I wonder what she’ll look like. She must be ancient,” I declared.

Anna gave me  a how-could-you look at my irreverent tone. This was the women we both revered and I was calling her ‘ancient’. But that was the truth and I am not known to couch it with euphemisms.

“Do you think she’ll tell us all about him?” I asked, blushing furiously.

“Oh, you silly girl,” scolded Anna. “Don’t you remember he’s married to Elizabeth already?”

“Ah! But there’s no harm in getting more information, is there?” I countered.

“Stop dreaming and knock on that door!” Anna yelled.

So I knocked hesitantly. There was no answer. I put my ear against the door and heard voices. She was not alone. I heard a male voice too. Now, I was really curious and knocked harder.

The door opened and there he stood, looking just the way she had described – tall and handsome. “Yes?” he asked, in the haughty tone he was famous for.

I was tongue-tied. I turned to Anna. “Mr Darcy…err…we heard that Ms Austen was visiting Mexico,” said Anna.

Still in shock, I heard a loud ringing in my ear. Then I felt someone nudging me, “Your alarm just went off, sweetheart,” said my husband.


In case it’s not obvious to you already I am a Jane Austen fan and of course Mr Darcy has to be one of my favorite male characters!

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