Indian Homemaker’s post on Blog Action Day – Poverty was wonderful (as are all of her posts!). I’m grateful that the Internet which can be a powerful tool of change. Having a day such as Blog Action Day to focus on the need to
Over the last year, my husband and I have been working on getting our flat renovated. It began with hours of conversation betweenus as to what we want to do. Then it moved in to meetings with the interior designer and later the contractor. Later, hours (and loads of money) was spent on buying fixtures and fittings to get just the right look etc. And then much energy spent on making sure we get the work done to our satisfaction and within the time frame set. (I must report that the project is still on!).

Blog Action Day

Yet two incidents put our spending of energy, time and money in to perspective:
1. One of the mason’s helpers, a young man, in his early twenties I’m guessing, was curious to peep in to the box which contained the taps we had bought for our toilet. When he realised I was watching him, he felt a little foolish and gave me a big grin. Later when I metioned the incident to my husband, he said, “The tap probably costs more than his entire earnings for the month.” And this boy works really hard and of late has started to work a night shift in addition to the work he does during the day.
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2. I took this picture this morning when we went to look at light fittings for our home. Isn’t is ironic that just outside the shop selling these fittings that can go up to a few thousand rupees, you have someone who has literally no place to lay his tired head…………..?
Need I say more? Let’s work together to make poverty history!