We bloggers can be a snobbish lot at times. I’m sure, that in the past I’ve acted a little holier-than-thou about not monetizing my blogs or being concerned about the number of readers/followers I have.

Not any more. I have monetized my blogs. The way I see it is  what I earn on my blogs goes towards my costs for maintaining them and making them look more professional. And anything I earn beyond that is the icing on the cake.

But the real joy comes from my readership – from the connections I’ve made with some wonderful  people around the world via my blogs. The blogging world is a microcosm of the real world and I have met some trolls too, but the beautiful souls totally outnumber these.

blogging is fruitful1

Social Media – I see blogging as my profession and do all I can to be successful at it. I  use Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media to push my blog.

Responding to comments on my blog – I’m not a perfect blogger – who is? I have a huge problem being consistent with responding to comments – and no, it doesn’t mean I don’t value my readers. I try as much as I can to visit the blogs of those who comment on mine.

Networking – I  join networks/blogging groups and try to be as active as I can on them. The best part of the networks is all I learn from other bloggers. And I’m not ashamed to say, I borrow ideas all the time, while acknowledging the people I have picked them up from.

Commenting on other blogs – I am an active member of various blogging groups and there are bloggers whose posts I try not to miss out on and some who I read from time to time. I can’t always keep up, but I try. I blog to express my unique voice and hope be heard and (perhaps) understood. I feel that it’s important that when I visit a blog, I leave a meaningful comment and share that blogger’s links on social media.

If I don’t agree with what the blogger has written, I might leave a polite comment to say so.  Disagreeing politely is not a sin. However, when I perceive that a blogger is just be provocative for no reason, I don’t comment. That’s just my personal policy. In the recent past, I’ve stopped reading some blogs for this precise reason.

My mantra: In blogging, as in life, what you give to others comes back to you in large measure.




As I mentioned yesterday, I’m taking part in the NaBloPoMo for December. Today, I’m looking at the more/less of blogging for me in the year ahead.


  • Activity on blogging forums. I signed out of two already and am reviewing the third.
  • Joining groups and then feeling pressured to read too many blogs
  • Facebook action – I’ve already cut back a lot on general updates and getting involved in adding my two pence to some discussions.
  • Scattered energies – by signing up for every challenge in sight! 😉


  • Creativity
  • Using my ‘own voice
  • Writing offline before I post
  • Engagement on my blogs by way of answering comments promptly
  • Concentration on reading blogs in my networks and sharing links effectively
  • Focusing on using my blogs for more social action/awareness
  • Writing more fiction on From 7Eight
  • Learning and upgrading my skills.

I would love your feedback too, dear readers, on what I can do more or less as far as my blogs are concerned. Thank you.

Today’s prompt for #NaBloPoMo is: Do you think you’re more or less likely to complete December’s NaBloPoMo?  Why?

My answer: YES. Because I’m determined to – no matter what! 🙂

What’s your blogging mantra? And what do you see yourself doing more or less of as far as blogging is concerned?