This morning I got a mail from a very special lady – a blogger friend and a very inspiring writer – who told me she found my blog inspiring and could I give her some inputs on how to do some technical stuff. And I said to myself (minus a Virginia Slims), “You’ve come a long way, baby.” Imagine me, a non-technical person actually giving some technical advice on a blog. And yes, I was dishing out suggestions the other day to a young lad on  templates and feeds.  To think that my blog has grown and I have readers from other countries and there are people actually asking me for advice on this subject (okay, correction one person didn’t ask!)……’s really something for me.
But you know what? All of this wouldn’t be possible with out the sheer generosity of so many people out there, who are willing to put their knowledge out on the web. I’ve learnt by researching and asking and making mistakes. But mostly I’ve learnt that the world is a very generous place. That bloggers are a special lot of people – who are willing to share of their lives, their joys and their hurt and also of their knowledge.
I feel these words to be so true about my blogging experience:

How can you learn and grow when you never step out and try something new and exciting? There is never a lack of resources, only a lack of ideas. Without risk, there can be no progress. All of us only have so much sand left in the hourglass, and one day our sand will run out. The time to risk is now and the great ones know it. ~ Steve Siebold

So I’ve risked sharing and I’ve risked trying out ideas of others that I’ve liked. I’ve learnt the technical stuff from sharing of others. For example, I was taken up with the idea of having different themes for different days – it helped me be more disciplined about my posting too. So I wanted to have a series of blog buttons to identity these days. So I researched and found a generous lady who had shared in great detail how it’s done. Thanks, Mommy Bits.
Through my blogging, I’ve met some beautiful souls from around the world and through them I’ve expanded my heart and mind. They’re too many to be named today – but I’m so happy to have connected with them.
So today it’s gratitude for the world of blogging – Blogratitude, I call it.

Thank you, dear readers, and fellow bloggers – I’m always grateful to you for bringing so much in to my world.