Why I Use PicMonkey

Why I Use PicMonkey

I love playing around with images for my blogs. So I thought I’d share with you a review of my default image editing software – PicMonkey. Features You can upload any photograph you have on your computer and edit it to make it beautiful. I find photo-editing necessary for photographs I’ve taken and want to […]

Choose To Shine | 31 Days Of Inspiration

31 days of inspiration

The days fly when you’re having fun, don’t they? September is over and October’s here, bringing with it lots of fun – blogging and otherwise.  I’m taking part in a blogging challenge called 31 Days (and a whole lot of other challenges – read below)and my chosen theme is 31 Days of Inspiration. I hope […]

Tina’s Sunflowers #LifeIsGood #MicroblogMondays


When Tina Downey of #LifeIsGood passed away last month, the Blogging From A to Z team decided to pay tribute to her by flooding the internet with her beloved sunflowers today. Read more about this here. I love sunflowers too and couldn’t resist snapping several pictures of these huge beauties growing on the farm of […]

Welcome September! Fresh Start!

welcome september

Welcome September! Another month – and another chance to get things right! August has been a mixed month for us. It started off really well – lots of ideas and many plans. As far as blogging is concerned the Write Tribe Pro Blogger Challenge kicked off and I was able to post every day, until […]

Hear Me Roar

hear me roar

I come across Katy Perry’s song and though I’m not a fan, I fall in love with the lyrics. I know I can apply them to myself. I think of my resolve to write every day and I tell the world: Hear Me Roar!   I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath […]

The Joy Of Reading | Anything Goes On Sunday

the joy of reading

Right now, we’re in transition mode, having moved to another city (temporarily) and attempting to settle into another home. It’s a rented house, so we’re restricted with what we can do. However, we’re blessed and grateful to be able to have family to stay with in the interim and to support us in numerous ways. […]

Stay Creative

stay creative

I confess to failing to do justice to the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, this year.  While I managed to successfully finish all the posts in time for From 7Eight, I couldn’t do that on this blog. In fact, if you look very carefully, you’ll find posts for the letters ‘J’ and ‘L’ missing. […]