I Choose You Today

love is an act of our will

Like I mentioned here, last month Jose and I celebrated 8 years of marriage. We’ve been blessed in each other, but it’s so easy to slip into taking each other for granted. I’m sure that’s true of every relationship, but with marriage we have to be especially careful not to allow that to happen. It’s […]

The Grateful Life

the grateful life

It’s time for our Gratitude Circle for January and I’ve decided to share with you about a book I came across that certainly helps to put gratitude in perspective for me. I love the title of the book because I think that if there’s one thing that defines my life today, it is gratitude. I […]

The Poor Me Manual

the poor me manual

The Poor Me Manual – Perfecting Self-Pity—My Own Story Hunter Lewis Axios Press Hunter Lewis’s newest title, The “Poor Me” Manual: Perfecting Self-Pity—My Own Story is a tongue-in-cheek look at emotions. There is method in this madness. The author in earlier books developed a unique theory of emotions and the reader will learn a great […]

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