Shame and Light


Shame and Light Shame was her best friend growing up It kept her from telling anyone about herself. Shame helped her bedwetting become A well-gaurded family secret. Shame was her companion As she struggled with grown up issues Thrust upon her young shoulders. Shame was what made her hide Secrets that were not hers to […]

The Fear Of Being Ordinary

the fear of being ordinary

A few months back, José sent me the link to an article in Time Magazine : ‘ Why Facebook Makes You Feel Bad About Yourself‘. While I would urge you to read the article, I’d like to share two excerpts from it. The most common cause of Facebook frustration came from users comparing themselves socially to […]

50 Life Lessons From 50 Years

50 life lessons from 50 years

“Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” ― Mary Oliver Today I’m 50! Happy birthday to me. What better way to celebrate it than to recall all I’ve learned a half century of living on this our beautiful Earth. You might find some of them seemingly contradictory, but they’re really […]