Excuses Begone #MondayMusings

excuses begone

No. This is not a review of Wayne Dyer’s Excuses Begone! although I am going to share with you something from that a little later. This post was sparked off by an article I read in the June 2015, Reader’s Digest, called ‘Dear Teacher,’. The articles has some priceless excuses written by parents to their child’s […]

Dark Days #BeReal

dark days

Dark Days They’ve been coming on for some days now. Feelings of unease, lethargy and discontent. Something I can’t put my finger on. Unhappy with myself – who I am, what I’m doing. Nothing really sets them off.  At one level, I’m oversensitive to how people behave towards me during this time, and at another I […]

Accepting Grace #MondayMusings #1000Speak

accepting grace

Somedays life is hard. Somedays I’m filled with regret. I can’t forget those I’ve hurt. The people I’ve walked all over. The ones I’ve taken for granted. Most of all It’s hard not to regret The times I’ve been unkind to The person that matters the most – Me. Yes, I’ve not cherished myself Like […]