Pick Up Your Pen and Write #womenslives #fridayreflections


Now that the dress has been discussed threadbare (pun alert!), the world can go back to business as usual and talk about more important things like #womenslives. I’m proud to be associated with a campaign for BlogHer called ‘Across Women’s Lives’ initivative. #womenslives is a wonderful way of bring the focus of the world on stories of women […]

Have We Lost Our Sense Of Wonder? #1Word

water lily

Sue Monk Kidd, author of The Secret Life of Bees, writes the story about her daughter, coming home from school in early December, telling her mother she got one of the great parts in the Nativity Play. “What part did you get?” “I’m the Star of Bethlehem!” the daughter says proudly. “Well, what will you do?” […]