Getting Waisted by Monica Parker

getting waisted

Monica Parker’s Getting Waisted: A Survival Guide to Being Fat in a Society That Loves Thin found me via NetGalley!  And I’m happy to do this review in exchange for reading a wonderful book. This is a  memoir, taking readers  back to the time before she was born and seems to suggest that she was pre-destined to […]

Playing Bingo for Fun


 One of the activities that the resort we stayed at in Mahabaleshwar, on our recent vacation – was playing bingo for fun (bingo is also referred to as tambola and housie in India).  Every evening the resort organizes bingo for the guests, mostly outdoors. I wasn’t able to get a good photograph, but this was […]

Getting Good Advice


“Listen to me”, she screamed as he walked out of the door. “I’m going out to get a drink with the boys,” he yelled back, banging the door. **** Things had been going from bad to worse in their marriage this last year. At times, it seemed to him that she couldn’t stand the sight […]

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