Hear Me Roar

hear me roar

I come across Katy Perry’s song and though I’m not a fan, I fall in love with the lyrics. I know I can apply them to myself. I think of my resolve to write every day and I tell the world: Hear Me Roar!   I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath […]

A Struggle Against Silence: My Writing Process Blog Hop

writing is a struggle against silence

  Writing is a struggle against silence. ~Carlos Fuentes I wrote these words sometime last year:  I have so much to say. But it’s buried deep within. Writing is my way of bringing it to the fore. But it’s not always easy. I think the editor in my head plays a lot of games at […]

It Starts With An Idea

writers' block

One of the joys of the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge is connecting with some great bloggers you wouldn’t have the chance to otherwise. I’m happy to have met the lovely, Stephanie Faris, and to have her consent to writing a post for me. Thank you, Stephanie! Stephanie Faris is the author of 30 […]

Mum’s The Word And Anything Goes on Sunday!

anything goes on sunday

Mum’s the word today, isn’t it? Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mums reading this and to my own Mum! When I saw this slideshow on Danny Brown’s blog today, I knew I just had to share it with you.  Thank you, Danny and Quotery. 22 Magnificent Mother’s Day Quotes from Quotery Here’s my attempt […]

Back To Blogging Basics

blogging basics

I’ve written a post called 7 Reasons Why You Should Stop Blogging and read and agreed with  Vidya Sury’s  7 Deadly Sins of Blogging. However, when Fabida,  who writes at Shocks and Shoes brought this article –  12 Reasons  You Should Start A Blog Today - to my notice, I knew at once that I just had to write this post.   […]

The Alphabet Is Fine


Today I start playing with the alphabet, again! Yes, I’m doing the April Blogging From A to Z Challenge for the second time. After our experience with the Challenge last year, I decided that I was doing it on Everyday Gyaan too besides on From 7Eight. I’m also linking into the Ultimate Blog Challenge and […]