Today Hay House launches Eldon Taylor’s latest book, Choices and Illusions: How Did I Get Where I Am, and How Do I Get Where I Want To Be?

Check out the book trailer.

If you are interested in learning more about how the human mind works, how we are led to make choices and if you’re looking at changing some aspect of your life, then Choices and Illusions will surely interest you.

We have all received  messages about ourselves from our environment – society, family, friends, colleagues. This forms the basis of our belief of who we are. We allow ourselves to be put into a neat little package and labelled. Most often these images of ourselves that we carry are false – they are illusions and we hold on to them, allowing ourselves to be crippled by them. These illusions prevent us from becoming what we are truly meant to be.

I absolutely loved this question of Eldon’s “When was the last time you had an original thought?”

Using anecdotes from his own life and simple tales, Eldon Taylor, brings out the message that we can change these programs in our head. He shows how by changing our thoughts we can change our reality. We have the choice to change the way we think, and our thoughts help us to create a life where we can live to our fullest potential.

A couple of  statements in the book that really  resonated with me were:

“Many believe that self-help and self improvement is about rags to riches, failure to success, and so forth, when indeed it is the beginning of a journey into self- discovery. Inside every human being is an eternal truth and a life purpose. Using our mind power is simply starting the engine on that journey of self-discovery and highest self actualization.”

“…the key to maximizing our experience rests in the incredible power of your mind. You can foster this power, nurturing it and allowing it to grow, or you can turn it (all of it or just parts of it) over to others. The choice is yours, and that is not an illusion!”

If you would like to learn more about Choices and Illusions and purchase the book, please click here. This edition of the book also comes with a copy of an InnerTalk CD.

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