Someone once said that F.E.A.R is False Evidence Appearing Real. How true that is! If you’ve ever watched a scary movie late at night as child, and then had to enter a dark room, I’m sure you’ve experienced plenty of ‘false evidence appearing real’. Every shadow, every sound is that monster from the movie waiting to attack you. You cower in your bed, you shiver, you pray. Then you fall into a fitful sleep. In the light of day your fears seems silly, don’t they? Fear is really worry and insecurity. Fear has the power to make us sick.

But fear gives us an opportunity to take risks and helps us build our courage.

When I suggested the eulogy exercise in my post on Awareness the other day, several bloggers commented that they would find that a difficult thing to do. To my mind, growth calls for risk taking and moving out of our comfort zones. That’s where courage comes in.

A big part of self leadership is to have courage. As Winston Churchill said, “Courage is rightly considered the foremost of the virtues because upon it, all others depend.” Courage is what forces us to move beyond the familiar and teaches us about who we really are. Courage is indispenable to our happiness and success.

Karl Pillemer, a professor at Cornell University, interviewed over a thousand older Americans from diverse backgrounds, for his book ‘30 Lessons For Living‘. He asked them to share the most valuable lessons they’d learned. He says that the elders regretted more the things they didn’t do, rather than those they did!

One 73-year old told the Professor: “The lesson I learned is that it really pays to say yes, unless you’ve got a really solid reason to say no. Life is an adventure, but to take advantage of it you have to say yes to things.”

Another man in his late eighties was asked who he would like to come back to live as, if he were given such a chance. He answered: “I would want to come back as the man I could have been, but never was. This time I’d act with more courage. I wouldn’t allow my fear to turn me away from opportunities I didn’t take. I’d risk more; I’d take the chances I wish I had. I’d allow myself to fail more, love more, and laugh more. This time I’d be sure to live more.”

I think that about sums up what courage is! We don’t want to reach old age and look back with regret on all that we didn’t dare to do, do we?

Action steps:
Write down 3 things you are really afraid of attempting to do.
Next to each of these things write down what you’d regret/lose if you didn’t do them.
Resolve to start acting on at least one of these today!

courage doesn't always roar

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Be courageous!

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