Life can be overwhelming. Sometimes circumstances cause us to feel stressed. But more often than not, we invite stress. I know I do it all the time.  My question for this Monday (although it’s way past Monday) is : Do you create space for yourself?

The fact that a #MondayMusings post is coming out so late is evidence of me biting off more than I can chew. It also shows that I have a long way to go towards making life simple.

Just this morning, I was rushing our dog through her walk because I was trying to beat the clock. I wasn’t giving her time to stop and smell the roses the evidence of other dogs! What fun is a walk for her or me, if I keep rushing her through it?

It’s the same with life. What fun is it if we keep rushing through our days, not taking the time to enjoy them.

Do You Create Space For Yourself?

Space is something we must learn to create for ourselves. Reduce clutter both in our homes and in our minds.  We must consciously make time in our day for ourselves. You might say that’s a difficult thing given the demands of work and family, but it’s really not.  What if we took 10 minutes off watching television, or being on social media and spent them literally doing nothing. Just being.

I’m borrowing from a compassion practice to suggest a simple way of creating space for a few minutes every day.

Sit in a quiet place. Breath in deeply and release your breath gently.

Place a hand gently on your heart, cheek or stomach.

Acknowledge your feelings in that moment. For example, ‘I am feeling stressed by all I have to do today……’ or ‘I am upset with …………’

Connect yourself to the human experience. For example, ‘Everyone feels stressed. Everyone is under pressure….’

Extend yourself whatever compassion you need in this moment. For example, ‘May I be kind to myself in this moment.’ or ‘I give myself permission to relax’


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