If you’ve been reading my last few posts you will realize that there’s been a gradual shift towards getting real and personal. Let me tell you, it’s easy for me to put a post up every day with a nice picture, a quotation and a few lines of my take on the quotation. It’s much harder to get personal and write from the heart. However, I’ve made a promise to myself to do so.

For some time now I can feel my life all coming together and the pieces beginning to fit – so I thought I’d share this with you.

It’s been at least ten years, if not more, that I shared with a group of friends two dreams of mine. One was to be a counselor and the other to write and publish books.

What is it that motivated me to dream this way? I love working with and motivating people.

I’m quite gregarious and uncomplicated (not everyone will agree!) and have an ability to make people feel good about themselves and consequently be motivated. Most of my friends will tell you that I’m a very empathetic listener and they feel quite comfortable to share things with me that they may not with other people. For example, there was a very intelligent young woman who was newly appointed to our company. However, she was very self-conscious and full of fears. As a result, she found it difficult to express herself to her boss and was constantly on sick leave. My manager then had her report to me and I was able to establish a good rapport with her. In a short while, the sick leaves stopped, her confidence grew and she became a very integral part of our team. One success ‘story’ that I was glad to be a part of.

To work on making the dream of counselling come true, I began a Masters in Psychology a few years back. Sadly, I haven’t finished it yet. Also became a little skeptical of my ability to be a good counselor – because I began to get too personally involved with people who came to me with their problems. I messed up a couple of situations because of this. So I put that dream firmly back on the shelf and went on with my life.

What about the writing then? I write reasonably well – I know I’m nowhere near brilliant. However, I express myself in a simple and clear manner – and when something is close to my heart – I can write! I have always dreamed of using my words in print to inspire and motivate people. But somehow I always made excuses for not writing and did a lot of self-editing when I did. Another dream on the shelf.

So although I dared to dream, I didn’t have the determination and persistence to make them come true. But things have started to change ……… I started with the writing – this blog is a first step towards it. And I’m beginning to focus more and more on reading about writing and how to hone my skills.

And what about the counseling? One day, out of the blue, José says to me, “Have you thought of being a life coach?” A light bulb moment! . Having been a soft skills trainer for years, I do have the knowledge, ability and experience for that. And combined with my natural skills, I can certainly be great at it. So I’m working on this too – actively. I’m reading a lot more in this area and also looking at how I can accredit myself.

Things are starting to fit……and I’m daring to dream again and I’m working to make those dreams come true.

So here’s my piece of advice for those of you who might have put your dreams on the shelf as I did :
1. Dare to dream again. Or if you haven’t dreamed at all, start today. Dream of your great success.

2. Get in touch with the things that deeply motivate you. Get in touch with your passion.

3. Start equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities towards your goal/s.

4. Work regularly and persistently towards realizing your dreams.

Dreams do Come True – I know!

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