Wishful ThinkingHe stands outside the door to her hospital room. Silently, he watches the parade of nurses and doctors rushing in and out. A part of him  gets prepared for the senior doctor to come in and say, “We can’t do anything more…..”

But another part of him,  is praying that she lives.  She has her whole life before her.

“Please, God,” he prays. “Let her make it. Haven’t you done enough already?”

Then the Voice of Reason (or is it God?) whispers “Be strong and of good hope.”

“Hope?” he answers bitterly. ” You took her away, don’t you remember?”

“Yes, I took away Hope. But I’ve left you Grace.” the Voice seems to say.

Suddenly, he sees the  senior doctor heading his way. His heart sinks.

“Sir, your baby is a fighter! She’s going to make it, alright. Why don’t you go in and look at her? Incidentally, have you decided on her name yet?” the doctor smiles.

Finally he understands what the Voice said.

“Yes, Doctor,” he say, beaming now. “It’s Grace. I will always be dedicated to Hope – but now I’ve got Grace too.”


This is my response to Suzy Que’s prompt ‘Dedication’ for the BlogFEST 2012.





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