“Your life is an ongoing work in progress; you’re always improving and defining it.” –Shakti Gawain
I read this quote today and wondered how I could define myself at this particular moment…What am I currently doing to improve and re-define my life?
I’m cheating today by asking you to help me write this post….How will we do that? I will take your comments here and on Everyday Gyaan’s Facebook page and keep adding them to this post…
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I asked you to define yourself and you did!

Thank you so much for your response:

Akhil Dua – Marriage Wise.com –  To improve my life I am carving my own path without comparing myself to others and not reading too much into their success and failures. Just carving the path is not enough. Anyone can come up with a strategy but executing it is where the daily grind is. I make sure that I set my goals for the week and review them every Sunday evening. Every small step or lack off is right in front of me. I do this because I know what I put in is what I will get in return. More importantly I have realized that re-defining is even more important that defining. There is no shame in admitting that you are lost or that something you started isn’t producing the expected results. Without changing the big goal you can change the course that will get you there.

Wesley Kipp – To improve my life I try not to let negative people get to me.

Linda Della Donna ~ Author of “A Gift of Love, A Widow’s Memoir”
www.LindaDellaDonna.com (coming soon) Sometimes friends aren’t there. I have no idea why. Sometimes they don’t understand what losing a spouse is all about; what a breakup means;  burying a family pet. I cannot change the world. I can change me, take it one baby step at a time, lending a helping hand to help others going through the same thing, picking myself up, dusting myself off, starting all over again, making new friends, embracing change–Kinda like cleaning out the house of clutter, taking it one scrap at a time, opening the windows, allowing in the light. I’m just saying.

Margaret Waage – (Margaret Waage.comWhat I am doing to re-define my life is trying to be true to who I am. If I make a mistake along the way, then regard it as a learning experience.

Jim McIntoshHoles in My Soles – Life is pretty good. I guess it’s because long ago we made decisions that have charted our life out where we can enjoy good  health, a wonderful family, enough income, ability to pursue the things want to do and the places we want to go to. Long ago I re-defined myself, threw up an unsatisfying corporate management role, started making shoes in my garage. People thought I was mad. Long story, but it was the right decision. I sometimes wonder how my life would have worked out if I had not had the guts to chuck in my job then, and risk all on a dream.

Alpana JaiswalMotifs On The Wall – To improve my life,I am trying to be more positive,learning to feel secure,not to judge everyone too harshly..and most of all,a check on my VOLATILE temper..

Dangerous Lindadangerouslinda.com – I’m improving my life by continually challenging the balance of the status quo and nudging myself and others toward more powerful versions of ourselves through the synergistic use of science, art and spiritual practice.  

Sonia Rumzi – soniarumzi.com – To improve myself, I attempt to be kinder every day. Never can I achieve the level of kindness I seek. My father was a kind man. So, it stays out of reach and I add to it every day. 

Savira Gupta – A Purple Journey – At this very moment… …. I see a pair of hands folded together in Namaste! Why … it just is… I am bowing to my inner self maybe… I am not sure and some how am having a hard time labeling that defining moment. I am here….. now…. not looking back as I have done that and not looking forward as I have tried to do that too….

Lindsey Reitz – Inspiring Pretty –  I am always trying to find what doesn’t work in my life.  If the same scenario keeps reoccurring in my life and I react the same way to it every time and it doesn’t seem to give me a good outcome, I try to change it obviously.  But sometimes it’s hard to realize those moments so you have to pay attention.  That’s how I try to improve my life.  And unfortunately sometimes it takes more effort in working out my issues  before I can change my reactions.


Larry Lewis – Healthy Lifestyles Living –  Yesterday is but a vision, and tomorrow is only a dream. But today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a dream of hope.” Anonymous. My motto has become – let’s inspire each other to become even better human beings. By sharing our experiences and knowledge we can make the world a better place. As a lover of Personal Development I know that the best way to learn is to teach, i strive to enhance the quality of life of others, and know that many of these people I assist will themselves make a difference in their communities and the world. The world of blogging has redined my life my giving me the ability to interract with many wonderful people, and to have a platform to do what I Iove.


Bec Owen The Happiness Group – I believe that we are defining and expanding and improving all the time…even when we’re not consciously aware of it.  And the easiest way to catch up with our expansion and improvement is to focus our attention on thoughts and subjects that feel good.  And then we just feel in the flow of life…inspired, passionate, excited, eager, content, loving! (I practice everyday!)


Melissa Tandoc Depth– I define life as a journey everybody has to undertake. We all have a mission in this world that unfolds as time progresses. Everybody has a place and has a a unique purpose for living. I define life with God’s surprises and a promise of future that someday we’ll meet our Creator face-to-face. I define life in a word that captures everything in it — LOVE — what we are made of…what we are made for…what we all live and die for…

Not A Notting Hill Mom – I’m trying to be more business like in my professional life and not take knocks personally but just see them as business and move on more quickly.

Sangeeta KhannaHealthfood Desivideshi – Well , it has been tough and still is but it’s so very tangible and workable too….I read this quote couple of years back i guess and thought it’s not that tough to get up start walking one step at a time… It has worked for me.