Some while back I read these words of Henri Nouwen and was deeply struck by them and asked myself, ‘Do I have what it takes?’ :

Our first task is to dispel the vague, murky feelings of discontent and to look critically at how we are living our lives. This requires honesty, courage and trust. We must honestly unmask and courageously confront our many self-deceptive games. We must trust that our honesty and courage will lead us not to despair, but to a new heaven and a new earth.”

I read them once more today and was led to introspect on how authentic my life is…..Do I have the honesty to really examine my motives and behavior? Do I have the courage to make the changes that are necessary to lead a more authentic life? And do I have the trust to know that I am being led towards being the best I can be?

I’m searching within……..

May you be inspired – everyday!


Image of question mark via Shutterstock