Lalbagh BeautyImage via Wikipedia
I’m always amazed at the details that good artists or ¬†fine photographers are able to capture – how they are able to capture beauty in the ordinary. Like this picture. Just some trees and a body of water but what a beautiful picture – how wonderfully the reflection of the trees is captured. ‘What a great eye s/he has!’ we say……..
And I ask myself – have I got a good ‘eye’? Not for a picture, but to see the beauty and goodness in the every day events of my life. Do I truly appreciate the wonder of it all?
I’m afraid that most often, I’m too caught up with looking out for the spectacular that I miss the beauty hidden in the mundane. The seemingly inconsequential details of our every day lives can be truly beautiful, if we have our inner eyes open to them.
Things like the regular cups of tea made by my husband, the regular phone calls from my family, the calls/messages from friends who care enough to find out how I’m doing, the wag of Pablo’s little tail to tell me that he’s happy………the hug from my husband…..I could go on listing out the beauty of the daily events of my life…..
But sadly sometimes I close that inner eye and I miss the beauty of it all. .I’m trying to develop my ‘eye’…Are you?

May you be inspired – everyday!