I’d be surprised if you answered ‘Yes.’ I don’t know the way to heaven, I’m not even sure it exists. Or if it does, what exactly it is like. For me it’s hard to imagine that God runs a reward point system!
However, this post is not really about finding the way to heaven. What is it about then?  Let me tell you a little story first:

A preacher, newly called to a small country town, needed to mail a letter. Passing a young boy on the street, the pastor asked where he could find the post office.After getting his answer, the minister thanked the boy and said, “If you’ll come to the community church this evening, you can hear me tell everyone how to get to heaven.”“I don’t know, sir,” the boy replied. “You don’t even know how to get to the post office!” ~ (From The Big Book of Church Jokes)

As you’ve probably guessed, the post is about us thinking that we need to have all the answers. Some of us even feel the need to pretend we do.Life is not always easy. Therefore, there are no easy answers to the many questions that come up from time to time. Questions like: Why is there suffering? Why do the undeserving seem to prosper, and the deserving not be rewarded? At a more personal level, it is questions like, ‘Why did he leave me?’ or ‘Why can’t I have a baby?’ or ‘Why are my children so ungrateful?’ that seem to haunt us.

To some questions, like ‘Why is there suffering?’, perhaps the only answer is another question, ‘What can I do to ease the suffering of another?’ To the question, ‘Why is there so much injustice?’ our answer might be ‘How can I be more fair and just in my dealings with others?’

Perhaps too, we are not ready to receive answers to some of the questions we ask. ‘Will I ever find love?’, we ask. The answer will be ‘Look inside you.’ But, we’re not ready to hear that. We want to find it outside ourselves. I believe that when we are ready, and the time is right,  the answer will come.

To repeat, there are no easy answers. And to some questions, there are no answers. Or if there are, we’re not going to get them any time soon. The sooner we get comfortable with this fact, the better for us!

May you be inspired – everyday!