How often have you been cooking and you’re waiting for something to start boiling and it seems to be taking it’s own time? If you’re like me, sometimes you might try to turn the heat up a little more…What happens then? The dish that required a slow boil gets overheated and doesn’t taste half as good as it was meant to be.
Too often our impatience causes us to have accidents, spoil projects and relationships. We want things to happen and we want them now. How difficult it is for us to realize that everything happens at the right time. Worry, fear and frenzied activity will get us nowhere. In my life, I’ve made very bad choices when I was impatient and couldn’t wait for the right time to come. But once I tuned in to my inner self more, I began to learn patience and to know that the best things in life can’t be hurried… finding your passion, like finding the best partner for yourself……..
Sometimes I forget the lessons I’ve learned and I get impatient and worried…..then I remember this :

Grandma’s hands used to issue out a warning, baby don’t you run too fast, there might be snakes in that grass .  .  .
– Bill Withers

May you be inspired – everyday!