In India, parents dream of their children getting a good education, a fantastic career and then settling into marriage and presenting them with grandchildren! As we seem to get wealthier, middle-class parents now try to send their children to schools offering an international syllabus, then hope that their children will go abroad to study or get into a good institution here – IIT and/or IIM. Parents save and sweat to make these dreams come true.

But some parents in India have more basic dreams for their children. Dreams of life. They hope that they live past the age of 5! Shocking, but true. Watch the video below to know more about this sad reality.


The video shows Gondappa, a resident of Thesgora village, Madhya Pradesh, India, walking on his hands all the way to a shrine to give thanks on his son’s birthday. This is his first child who made it past the age of 5! Most children in that village do not – since it has one of the highest rates of diarrhea in the India.
Gondappa 1
Lifebuoy through their Help A Child Reach 5 Campaign is making a difference in this village and other villages.
How? By promoting the simple act of hand washing with soap. Something you and I might take for granted. But not so in the villages. Hand washing with soap reduces the risk of diarrhea infections by 42-47%.

The good news is that you and I can help them make a difference – in the most simple of ways:

Watch the video.
Go here to share the  Help A Child Reach 5 campaign video on social media. For every share, Lifebuoy will donate INR 1/- towards this cause.


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Gondappa 2

There are hundreds of Gondappas out in the villages in India – with dreams of life for their children.  Let’s do our little bit to let those dreams come true. Let’s  Help A Child Reach 5 today!


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