Hollywood Walk of Fame

Instead he went out and began to talk freely, spreading the news. As a result, Jesus could no longer enter a town openly but stayed outside in lonely places. Yet the people still came to him from everywhere. ~Mark 1:45

During my preteen and teen years, my bedroom walls are plastered with posters of pop music artists whom I adore. Idolize even. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to meet just one of them!

My adolescent fantasies hope, wistfully, that I, too, can one day be as celebrated as they are.

Millions of fans. My photo in every entertainment magazine. Giving concerts around the world. Jet-setting with the stars.

Oh, the glamor! The fortune! Fame’s seductive promise of immortality!

Oh, my naivety . . .

Seeing everything through rose-colored glasses.

Because, fame has a dark side.

Mobbed by fans. Pursued by paparazzi. Exhausting tour schedules. The lurid lure of the party scene.

Every move watched. Each folly noted. Any scrap of dirty laundry considered fair game.
The talk of the town one day. Mocked by the tabloids the next.

In the spotlight. Into rehab.
Owned by the public, a famous person’s hope of any private life is vanquished . . .

Fame! I’m going to live forever

Jesus’ fame is spreading throughout Judea. Like wildfire! Everyone wants to meet Him. Touch Him. Be healed by Him.

Suddenly, this obscure carpenter from the insignificant town of Nazareth is a rising star! And, as many times as Jesus withdraws to a quiet place to pray or gather with his chosen disciples, I think a reluctant one. Yet, one who knows in the depths of His soul that His light must shine into the lives of so many if His mission is to be accomplished.

If He is to do the will of the Father.

And, in so doing, become the most famous person in history.
Whose fame does not promise immortality.
It delivers.
Will you say this prayer with me today?
Thank you, Father, for the life, the death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Your beloved Son. Because of Him and His sacrifice for us, our sins our forgiven, and we have new and unending life. May our love for You be our only claim to fame. Amen.

~  Martha Murdy Orlando

The author is Martha Murdy Orlando whose blog Martha’s Daily Devotions is a great resource for Christian reflection. Martha has a great skill of story-telling which she combines  with her gift of seeing God in all things to create very meaningful reflections. I’ve interacted with Martha over the past few months and have found her to be very considerate, thoughtful,  generous and inspiring. Thank you, Martha for sharing your reflection here today.  

May you be inspired – every day!