When you wake up in the morning for work, do you feel excited about it, or do you have to drag yourself out of the house? Many employees are not happy or satisfied with their jobs. They lack the enthusiasm to get their work done. But how do you find joy at work when you’ve been doing a routine for many years or if you’re new and you feel like you’re in the wrong place?

7 Ways To Find Joy at Work

#1 Find your purpose

People with no sense of purpose lose their enthusiasm easily. They don’t see the point of what they do or what they’re working for. If you’re an educator, you’re obviously raising the future. Your purpose must be to help form the minds of the future leaders, future healers, and future economists.

If you work in a restaurant, you’re helping feed people. Customers come to your place because they’re hungry or craving for something. Help satisfy their needs and longing. Make them happy by serving them with a smile.

If you work as a janitor or maintenance guy, the cleanliness and orderliness of the place lies in your hand.

When you realize that your purpose is more than just doing paper work, closing deals, or maintaining the place, that it’s helping change lives even in the smallest of ways, then you find joy at work.

#2 See the extraordinary in the ordinary

It may feel boring doing the same thing every day for five years straight or more. Find joy at work by seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. The people you work with maybe ordinary people you take for granted because of over-familiarity. See the ordinary in them. They are modern-day heroes like you, working for their family or making a difference in their own humble way.

Admire the new decor in the office. Gaze out of the window and marvel at the beauty of nature, the marvelous cloud formations, or the astonishing skyscrapers. Find the extraordinary in the ordinary and find joy at work.

#3 Pre-work conditioning

Before you even start on a task, condition your mind to be happy. Happy people are more likely to finish the job than those who are not. They also make a better job as they go beyond what is expected of them. Challenges at work may be inevitable, but staying optimistic is a choice. Complaining will not solve a problem. It’s all in the mind.

#4  Build rapport

You will be stuck with the people you work with every day. Build genuine friendships and avoid the drama. It would be a miserable life if there is conflict at work. Remember, 8 or more of your waking hours as an adult are spent at the workplace. Make it a happier time by building bridges instead of burning them.  Avoid the toxic people but try to work harmoniously with your colleagues.

#5 Join the fun

Most companies offer activities and events for employees to break the monotony of work. Join the fun. Be open to new ideas and remember to take things lightly from time to time. Don’t be a spoil sport. Don’t be the Grinch of Christmas.

#6 Grab opportunities

There may be internal job openings or a chance to get promoted. Grab opportunities as these are doors that lead to growth and learning.  New roles mean new challenges, more room for improvement, and greener pastures. Look for opportunities in which you can either showcase your skills, or improve your personality. Don’t get stuck to where you are at the moment to avoid getting burnt out.

#7 Say it

If you need more time to finish a task, say so. If you find something difficult, don’t be afraid to ask for help. If something is bothering you, speak up. Most problems start from an issue that grows through time because it’s not discussed in the open. There is nothing that can’t be solved as long as there is a clear communication of what needs to be solved in the first place. Be bold but tactful of sharing your thoughts and be open to suggestions as well.


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Doing repetitive tasks can make you bored, or worse, unenthused with your job. Most employers leave their job not because of the pay but because it makes them feel empty and like they are living a pointless life. You can turn things around by simply changing the way you look at your work. Find joy at work and find self-fulfillment in your life.