Three years ago, my husband José took our boxer, Pablo for his morning walk. Business as usual. Or so we thought. Twenty minutes later I got a call from José that he had fallen. I rushed to where he was and managed to get our doctor to get there. The next thing we knew he was taken to the hospital for a hip surgery. This was what I had been dreading since I moved to Mumbai- an emergency and no family around to help. But help came in the form of neighbours, acquaintances and even strangers. A potentially bad situation brought me a deep assurance that both of us would be fine no matter what.

Finding Colour In The Clouds



This experience and several others I’ve had since have made me realise, very deeply, that heartbreaks, disappointments and failures are part of the journey. I need to look behind them to see what blessings and lessons they bring to me. Here are just some of the lessons I’ve learned.

Gratitude brings light to many a dark place – After my husband’s accident, I began to better appreciate the abundance that we enjoy. To a large extent, I credit his quick recovery to the attitude of gratitude we both fell into.

Love can help you heal – Plugging into the Source of all Love (God) and getting more connected to the people who really value you, helps you to heal. But most of all you’ve got to learn to love yourself.

Letting go brings abundance – Allowing life to take its course and not trying to control people and outcomes can bring a lot of abundance into your life.

Life is all about choices – Being at peace is a choice. Leaving the drama behind brings peace. As does forgiveness, of course.

I’m only responsible for my behaviour – How people react to me or to other people is really their call. I’m learning not to take up causes that are meaningless or attempt to change people.

There are days that I forget these lessons and revert to my old way of thinking. But those days are less frequent now.

The clouds that come my way do indeed add color to my life!