“Listen to me”, she screamed as he walked out of the door.
“I’m going out to get a drink with the boys,” he yelled back, banging the door.


Things had been going from bad to worse in their marriage this last year. At times, it seemed to him that she couldn’t stand the sight of him anymore and then she’d fly off the handle at a casual remark. He had tried asking her about it, but she was evasive, saying, “You men don’t understand.” Today, he was going to make it his goal to understand, he thought to himself as he headed off for his appointment.


“I hope I’ve answered your questions – make sure you read all the literature I’ve given you,” said the doctor.
“I’m really grateful, doctor, I had no idea that she might be going through this,” he replied. “I will make sure I bring her in for a check-up next week.”


I’ve used this piece of 9-sentence fiction to hint at the whole issue of menopause and how little information men and strangely, even women have on it. A woman not understanding the changes in her body and emotions could experience a lot of fears and her husband too would be completely perplexed. There’s nothing like getting good advice from a doctor about this phase of life. And it’s important that both partners completely understand this.


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