There’s all sorts of advice out there about when to let go of  a romantic relationship, but sadly too little out there about when it’s time to let go of a friendship.

In the last few years, I have let go of a few friendships based mostly on one fact – respect. I’m no saint and there are hundreds of people who will come forward to testify to that! However, I rate respect very high in my relationships. I attempt to be respectful of the people I interact with and expect the same from them.

In the past, I have attempted to carry on in friendships where respect had seized to exist, but sadly they didn’t last for long. I’ve learnt now that it’s time to issue the pink slip when  I’m losing respect for someone or that they are not giving me the respect I deserve.

Giving A Friend The Pink Slip

In one case, a person who was supposed to be a friend were house guests and showed a total disrespect for my husband and I. Perhaps there are no rules for house guests, but the way I was brought up, house guests don’t sit around watching you make their beds while they read and pretend you don’t exist!  Perhaps she was a little confused between a hostess and a chambermaid ;). This is just one example of the awful behavior. I was furious naturally and although I didn’t say anything, I guess my non-verbals spoke loud and clear.  The worst part was when she went back and tried to pretend everything was okay. When I didn’t play along, but confronted her,  she acted like she was the victim. I issued a pink slip immediately. I can no longer be authentic with this person and don’t wish to interact with them.

Why am I writing about this? Because, I see this person all over the internet talk about the need for closure. Does closure mean that she gets to give me a pink slip, I wonder.

So where does forgiveness feature in all this, you ask? To me forgiveness is making peace with the past. It doesn’t mean that I necessarily invite that person in to my life again.

What are your views on letting a friend go? Please share you experiences and opinions.

May you be inspired – every day!