Vidya Sury reminded me that today, 1st March, is World Compliment Day. Then she kindly did a post on Write Tribe with an open linky to add World Compliment Day posts too. Thank you, Vidya, you’re very generous!

World Kindness Day 2014

World Compliment Day – a good day to focus on giving and receiving compliments.

We’ve all been taught to give gifts on special occasions – birthdays and festivals. Sometimes we give no-occasion gifts to people who are special to us. But all these gifts are more for ourselves than the other – they make us feel good. The joy of giving comes when we give spontaneously. What better gift than a thoughtful compliment given spontaneously and generously?

Spread love everywhere you go.
Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.
– Mother Teresa

Have you, like me, sometimes held back on compliments? This is not because I find it hard to see good things in another, but because I feel I might come off as looking insincere. I’ll admit that there are times too that I’ll hold back a compliment because I just don’t want to be nice! Yes, I can be a mean girl sometimes.

There is an art to paying compliments and one that I’m working on.

Are you comfortable paying compliments? And do you give compliments generously?

I used to be uncomfortable receiving compliments too. Not any more. When I am given a sincere compliment, I don’t deflect it but receive it gratefully.

Your ability to receive compliments symbolizes how well you receive love.
Be a wide receiver.~ Alan Cohen

For some strange reason, we human beings seem more conditioned to recall our weaknesses and our mistakes. When people give us compliments, we seem unable to take them in. We’re more likely to believe people’s criticism of us than we our their compliments.

In his book Love Without Conditions, Paul Ferrini wrote: “If you do not take responsibility for bringing love to your own wounds, you will not move out of the vicious cycle of self-attack, self-defense, self-imposed guilt and self-imposed blame.”

How true. Receiving compliments gracefully is one one way offer yourself love and acceptance.

Today, let’s pledge ourselves to giving and receiving compliments to make ourselves and others feel good.