Dear Me,

As I say “Goodbye 2014”, I am filled with gratitude for it being such an awesome year – truly my best year yet!

I am proud of all that I have become in during the year. Remember, I said that my word for the year was going to be ‘me’. Oh, I know, some people thought I was weird (and maybe, I am) but I knew what I was about when I chose that word.

In 2014, I wanted to focus on:

My health: I planned to be more energetic and healthier at the end of the year and I’m so glad that I feel so better about my psychical self than I did when you started.

My well-being: In 2014 I wanted to pamper myself – make sure I had my regular massages and include a regular beauty regimen as well. But more importantly, I wanted to nourish my spirit with regular inputs via books, music, videos and some courses as well. I’m happy to report that I managed to stick to the plan and feel revitalized. I’ve truly enjoyed working on my Happiness Project and I can see how has helped me grow in so many other areas.

My relationships: This year I’ve worked consciously on deepening my relationships with Jose and my family of origin. I’m also glad that I’ve made some deep soul connections – strengthening old friendships and connecting with like-minded souls who encouraged me to be myself. I was also able to work on healing of some old wounds caused by misunderstandings and fall-outs. Now, I can safely say that the healing work is well underway within me.

My spirituality: I feel so much closer to the Source of all Love. I am glad that I allowed God’s healing light to flow into all those dark places within me, that I have been reluctant to work on because of fear.


My creativity: What an amazing year of discovery this has been. I undertook The Artist’s Way together with many others here. My writing has really taken off – and what’s great is that I’m not trying too hard. I was able to put out one small booklet every quarter, have regular updates on Everyday Gyaan and From 7Eight and send out more magazine articles. Discovering Zentagles and rediscovering my embroidery and knitting were just added fun! And my cooking? Fantastic, Jose says!

Being able to encourage other writers/bloggers on Write Tribe too was so worth the effort.

Julia Cameron says: A productive artist is quite often a happy person. I certainly agree. I’m loving the buzz that my creativity is giving me. I’m complaining less – and much, much more grateful! And the laughter – suffice to say, it was loud!

Stay blessed!


No, dear readers, I did not get the year wrong! This is a love letter from the future inspired by Sandi Amorim of Deva Coaching.

Bless the past. Bless the present.
Bless the future. Bless it all.
~ Alan Cohen