I must thank my husband for the inspiration – he suggested that I write this post after an interesting conversation we had. It was our observation of some people we know that set us off on this discussion.

 Happiness Just Around The Corner?

Whenever we talk to or meet with these people, they are talking about how things will be just fine ‘as soon as’ 
– they finish with a certain project;
– as soon as they reach a certain marketing target in their business;
– as soon as they have made enough of money………
They’re always taking up new ‘projects’ that they are convinced will eventually make them happy.
The sad part of it is that ‘as soon as’ never comes. Most often, they  have set themselves unreasonable goals, or have made stupid decisions and ‘happiness’ evades them. On the face of it, they have it all – a lovely house, a fair amount of money, a good standing in society…all the ingredients for a good life. But they’re still waiting to be happy!
In some way, we’re all caught up in this rat race – “I will be happy ‘if’“….”I will be happy ‘when’“… happiness seems always just around the corner, when in fact the time to be happy is NOW.
Richard Carlson put it beautifully when he said, “To a happy person the formula for happiness is quite simple. Regardless of what happened early this morning, last week, or last year – or what may happen later this evening, tomorrow, or three years from now, Now is where happiness lies.”