It’s been over a month since we moved into our new place and we don’t have a single picture up on the walls yet! Yes, we’ve had all sorts of issues of a more pressing nature, but…. It’s not like we have to buy pictures – since we brought a few with us and my brother has offered us some as well.

home is where the heart is

Home Is Where The Heart Is?

So what’s keeping us from hanging up the pictures, besides our good old friend, procrastination? I was wondering about this when I came across an article from Laura Benko , a holistic design expert.

Laura’s article  examines whether your home decor reveals your anxieties.  She says that our anxieties manifest themselves in our surroundings. Interesting? I thought so.

Here’s what she has to say:

Fear of Success/Low Self-Esteem – is manifested in having artwork and mirrors hung very high. The feeling? You can never measure up.

Uncertainty – leads to surrounding yourself with loads of things, hoarding.

Fear of commitment – procrastination on buying more expensive stuff, hanging pictures etc.

Fear of change – you never update the decor – it’s been there since you first moved in.

Fear of losing control – being over-meticulous with order in your home. Anything out of place leads to anxiety.

Fear of failure – procrastinating on everything, leading to clutter.

Does this resonate with you in any way? Read the article to see what she suggests one can do to deal with these issues.


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