bathroom #15Did you ever play ‘Hot or Cold’ as a child?

It goes like this. One player is ‘It’ and leaves the room or play area. The other players decide on an item for him/her to guess – a ceiling fan, a book, a pillow. When s/he returns, everyone says “hotter” as s/he gets closer or “colder” if s/he is farther from the item until s/he guesses it.

Some of us continue to play that game into our adulthood too.  We don’t really know what we want in life and drift along. Or we want to play the game according to the rules set out by society.  We  wait for society to yell out “hotter” or “colder” as we go through life.  The latest BMW gets a shout of “hotter”.  Designer clothes and designer life-style, and we’re definitely “hotter”.  Chucking up that fantastic banking career and following your heart, gets a shout of “colder”.  Deciding to be a stay-at-home woman, certainly earns “colder.”  And so it goes, until you decide to opt out of the game.  I did – and have no regrets.

Today, I’m linking in to Betty:Today’s Baker via BlogFEST 2012. Betty’s prompt is: Hot or Cold?

Do you play hot or cold in life?